Monday, January 28, 2008

Barbeque! (aka: Wishful Thinking)

Hello from the stormy east coast, my fellow bloggers!

The snow and the freezing rain, and the rain, and the hail and the wind swept through the city last night and all of today. Its cold, and rainy now, but I'm warm inside blogging to you. Happy day! We live right beside the Halifax Harbour, and when the wind whips down the narrows from the Atlantic Ocean and slides in around the basin, you know it! We layed in bed last night listening to the ice pellets pound up against the window. Its something I've heard my whole life, but sometimes I still get a little overwhelmed with the power of nature. But enough about the weather...let's talk about some food!

On Saturday night, I was in the mood for something carbilicious. (So much so, that it caused me to make up a word to describe it). I found a great tea biscuit recipe on recipezaar. And of course I can't find it now, but I will share it with you when I do.

I used a star shaped cookie-cutter to make super-rock-star-tea-biscuits! We ate them warm from the oven with lots of earth balance, but I bet they'd be good covered in some mushroom gravy, too. Now that's a dinner I could go for...rock star biscuits, mushroom gravy, and a glass (or four) of Barolo. Mmm. Classy? maybe not... but delicious, heck yes!

There has been much eating here the last few days, yesterday of course was Pizza night. So we had leftovers for breakfast :) For lunch we had sammiches on crusty bread with tofurkey, greens, tomatoes, sprouts, and the best mayo...ever. Our local health food store, Planet Organic, makes a kickbutt veganaise. If you have one in your area, I highly suggest picking some up. Its garlicky, and creamy, and delightful.

For dinner tonight, we were thinking about something fun (and maybe a little summer-y?). I spent a good part of the afternoon leafing through some cookbooks, while watching the Sopranos, and decided on the delish scalloped potato recipe from Vive Le Vegan, and the BBQ Tofu from V-Con. I served them up with some simple steamed broccoli (eat yer greens!). It was a very satisfying meal for a long day of...okay we had a pretty lazy day, but it was nice to eat something fun. This was my first time with both recipes, and we cleaned our plates happily! I would recommend both.

As far as what we'll be eating for the rest of the week, I have a one or two things in mind, but you'll just have to wait and see (and I promise it won't be a plate of biscuits and a bottle of wine! ;) )
I hope the rest of you out there are staying in, warm and dry.

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Anonymous said...

Hello from the freezing prairies! (haha)

Sounds like everyone is getting hit with bad weather.

I love those cute little tea biscuits. A cookie cutter can really go a long way!