Monday, February 11, 2008

Lentil Loaf Ahoy!

Good Evening, my fellow bloggers!

As most of you know, Curtis and I have a Sunday/Monday weekend rather than a Saturday/Sunday weekend like the rest of the normal world, so our weekend comes to an end tonight. After eating our usual weekend pizzas and cocktails and having delicious, but easy things for lunches and breakfasts like tofurkey bagel sandwiches and smoothies, I decided to cook up something yummy and filling for dinner tonight. Lentil Loaf! WOO! We paired it with a giant salad and enjoyed it very much! And bonus, left overs to take for lunch!

The lentil loaf is a recipe that I got from our local Planet Organic, and boy is it good. Lots of red and green lentils, brown rice, rolled oats, a tonne of veggies and spices, and baked with a little ketchup on top. Mmmm. The salad was shredded romaine with tomatoes, red pepper, broccoli and mango, with some home made poppy seed dressing. It was quite the satisfying meal, warm and cozy, which is definetly something we need right now, what with the piles and piles of snow outside the door. I'm trying to be hopeful that spring will arrive, someday!

I really need to start taking more food pictures, so that I can start blogging more regularily, but I just get so excited sometimes to eat, that I totally forget to photograph. Please say you understand!

Valentines day is coming up this week, and while we aren't big on the Hallmark concept of the day (shouldn't we love each other all year?!) we do see it as a fine reason to go to our favourite restaraunt in town and have an amazing meal, with amazing wine and then we can cuddle and walk home together, and not have to do any dishes! So with any luck, I will remember to bring my camera, and risk being looked at like a crazy girl, just so I can show you the delightful food that we are so lucky to be able to get around here! But it won't be on Thursday, we're going to be saving our celebrations until Sunday, so patience patience!

Hope you are all enjoying a warm and slighlty trailer-park-esque dinner tonight, too!



Vegan_Noodle said...

Looks good!! I never liked "meat" loafs for dinner as a kid. Funyn enough, I'm planning to make one for dinner tonight! And it is definitely tough when you're excited to eat your food to pause and take pictures... it often means a cold dinner!
Our valentines will be much the same, just an excuse to go out to a nice dinner. Hope you enjoy yours!
Glad you commented on my blog so that I could find yours!

Cassie said...

Hello Kristine, your blog is looking great!!

I love lentil loaves and this one looks absolutely delicious. Does Planet Organic have their recipe online? Would love to check it out if it is!

Enjoy your dinner out with your sweetie! :)

Kristine said...

Noodle, YAY, Loafs all around...loaves...loafs...dinner in a pan!
Thanks Cassie, I am enoying blogging, I wish I could do it more! But ahh! So busy! You know how it is...

cad said...

I just tried the Planet Organic Lentil Loaf and would love to have a copy of your recipe. Please share?

couverturefoodpornography said...

Please please please share a copy of this Lentil Loaf. I had it in Calgary but then moved and have been desperate for it! Planet Organic has a "Lentil Loaf" recipe on their website but I KNOW it's not the one they sell. Again, I beg of you!